"Raising Wholesome Children -
An Intergenerational Perspective"

Talks on Juvenile Diabetes

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Book Endorsements

Challenge of Childhood Diabetes

“This family has tried almost everything and their successes and failures form a guide for other families.” Diabetes Positive magazine “Laura’s persistence in not giving in to her son’s craving for sugar-filled cereal and pizza by incorporating the whole family was impressive.”


“This book chronicles the road Laura and her family traveled as well as their quest to control Danny’s diabetes by using a whole grain, lower-carb diet. This is a sympathetic and informative guidebook.”

Diabetes Health Magazine

“Laura Plunkett along with her whole family improve their diet … make exercise fun, and share valuable discoveries. The stories she tells illuminate the feelings and concerns that arise in response to drastic change.”

Renewal Magazine

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www.challengeofdiabetes.comSpeakers on Juvenile Diabetes

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation chapters in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles now give a copy of The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes to families of newly diagnosed children. Copies are being given as well to the family of every child diagnosed with diabetes at Mass General Hospital in Boston.

“Raising Wholesome Children in a Fast Food World: An Intergenerational Perspective”

Juvenile Diabetes Speaker

An inspiring talk for parents whose kids are surrounded by junk food, inundated with advertising, & under pressure from their peers.

“Your process of changing family patterns is inspirational and of value to all of us.”

Mary Beth Keenan
School nurse,
Martha’s Vineyard

“Laura Plunkett’s story will help other families learn that they are not alone”

Maryanne Quinn, M.D. Endocrinologist, Children’s Hospital, Boston

Who We Are

Laura Plunkett, columnist for Diabetes Health Magazine & diabetesincontrol.com, a web site for diabetes professionals, recently spoke at the Juvenile Diabetes Symposium at the University of California, San Francisco. The Plunkett family has been featured on a Parent-to-Parent segment on WHDH-TV and a Hometown Hero profile on WBZ radio. Laura and her mother are co-authors of the book, “The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes: Family Strategies for Raising a Healthy Child.” Laura has a BA in Psychology from Brown University and had a thriving psychotherapy private practice for 14 years.

Linda Weltner wrote the weekly column, “Ever So Humble,” in the At Home section of The Boston Globe for 19 years. Her column was carried by newspapers around the country through the New York Times Wire Service. She is the author of two novels for young adults and two collections of her columns. She was awarded the Best Columnist Award by the New England Women’s Press Association and given the Gold Award from National Mature Media Awards 2000 for best feature in a magazine. She has addressed over 300 audiences.

Jessica Plunkett was 10 when her brother was diagnosed with diabetes. Now a high school junior, she attended all hospital information sessions, spent a week at a family diabetes camp, and is Danny’s chief babysitter. Her writing has been published in Diabetes Health magazine.

Our Talk

“Raising Wholesome Children In A Fast Food World”

Linda Weltner, Laura Plunkett, and 16-yearold Jessica Plunkett talk about how 7-year old Danny Plunkett’s diagnosis of juvenile diabetes in 2002 prompted a complete overhaul of the family’s attitude toward nutrition and exercise. Danny’s grandmother, mother, and sister describe the family’s successful journey to a healthier lifestyle, discussing the changes their extended family made in improving nutrition, increasing exercise, building teamwork, and overcoming the emotional and psychological stresses such a turnabout requires.

The speakers address such questions as: How can you approach change from a family systems viewpoint? How do you promote enthusiastic co-operation in making changes in diet and exercise? How can parents avoid burnout in the face of resistance? How can you enlist friends and neighbors in supporting your goals?

“Laura is a very important voice
in the childhood diabetes community.”

Scott King, Editor in Chief
Diabetes Health Magazine

Speaking Recommendations

“One of the fabulous speakers [at the Pediatric Diabetes Symposium at UCal] was author Laura Plunkett, who wrote The Challenge of Childhood Diabetes, a must-read for parents in her situation. Very calming. Laura talks about the family dynamic because ‘focusing on insulin alone is not enough,’ she says.”

Amy Tenderich

“I highly recommend Laura Plunkett’s talk at the Newton Free Library. She brought her own perspective the audience could relate to, sharing how her family learned to cope and now thrives. The talk was funny and lively, the audience had many questions and Laura had great ideas.”

Beth Purcell, Program Director
Newton Free Library

“Not only does Laura look like her mom, [a former Boston Globe columnist], but she also inherited her writing and speaking genes.”

Barbara Meltz, The Boston Globe

“To know that you all are still whole as a family & are still able to smile—that is so heartening. I
especially appreciated how you and your husband worked together to support your children.”

Tina Blythe Lecturer, Harvard

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